How do you get your book published?

I know some of you want to learn more about how to publish your book, and the process to get it on to Amazon. And while other distribution channels exist, I focus on Amazon as it’s the biggest for books WorldWide.

There are different routes to get your book published.

Traditionally, an author would approach EVERY publisher they could grab details of, in the hope that one would buy the story, and pay an advance on the next story.

Some authors use literary agents, as these usually have relationships with publishers so can fast track manuscripts to the right publisher. The cost is usually a 15% commission. The bonus is they will only work with manuscripts they know are commercial, and that’s why publishers will pay these manuscripts more attention.

With the internet comes vanity publishers. They know how to create the artwork and design a great book for you. They will also be able to list it on Amazon via KDP, with minimal fuss and bother. Most of the time, they have no opinion about the contents of the manuscript, as they are paid by the author to get your book out there. Purple Star also offers a marketing strategy to aim for #1 Amazon Best Seller.

Finally, you can design and publish yourself. It’s not always straightforward and if’s it’s not in your skillset; it isn’t fun, but it can be done.

So while writing your book you may have ideas about your route to market, but don’t let that delay your writing. Nothing can be published until you are happy that your book is good enough to share.

So keep in flow with your writing and please get in touch if you’d like more info.

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