Well it seems I have been given my very own hashtag! I may have ‘arrived’ as they say!


I like it, a lot! And quite flattered that Payal from the networking group I am a member of [LoveLadies] has given me the title. I intend to OWN it!

It was with the group that I was ‘volunteered’ to run a workshop, which I first delivered ‘how to use Canva’ to some of their members, and it’s been repeated several times.

Like many business owners, comfort zones continually need pushing through to grow and promote their business. Presenting a workshop definitely did that for me!!

How can I be a trainer? I’m a graphic designer not a teacher! What happens if I waffle like a loon and the attendees conclude I’m an idiot …. or worse; get bored! The voices of doubt were having a real airing.

So after a pep talk from my Big Sis, who is an ex-teacher and coach and bloody brilliant, I planned a workshop with her help. “Keep it interesting, add in activity, and give them something tangible to go away with” was her sage advice. My first Canva workshop was born! Sue also said, even though I might not be an expert trainer, I am an expert at Graphic Design. I never argue with my big sister.

My Canva workshops include really useful info about designing, branding and marketing, to ensure the free version of Canva is used to its full potential. I suggest that the Pro version has real value at a tenner a month (approx) if you use it more than a couple of times a week. The free version is enough if you are an ‘occasional’ user.

Meanwhile I’m proud to share two Canva events I am running as part of the Leicester Business Festival. They are both free to attend and promise to be very useful if you want to use Canva effectively.

BOOK:  Well Designed Social Media WORKS!!

BOOK: How to Use Canva for Your Branding & Marketing Leicester Business Festival FREE event

And there’s a workshop in Tamworth on 14th November for BEGINNERS and ADVANCED users

In the meantime if you have burning questions or need help [about Canva!] then its free to join my Facebook group ‘Canva Brilliance with Purple Star Design‘ or drop me an email – I love to help!

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